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Perhaps more was brewing under the surface when it came to this family and their dynamics.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can't even remember a time where their lives weren't of interest to the public.

Before Pratt gained his fifteen minutes of MTV fame, he released images of his old friend Mary-Kate boozing at a high school party to the tabloids for fifty grand.

It's no wonder the twins keep their circles small and tight these days.

The fame, the fortune and the demands that come along with stardom were simply too much for the young family to endure and the Olsens ended up divorcing in 1995.

Mary-Kate granted an interview to the magazine Marie Claire back in 2010 and shed some serious light on her feelings and opinions regarding her own upbringing in the spotlight.

The pair filed for bankruptcy, and after falling behind on their mortgage payments found themselves in the hole for a whopping 2.2. Two million dollars sounds like an incredible amount of money to us mere mortals, but to Mary-Kate and Ashley, sums like that are a drop in the bucket.

The Olsen kids have always been very close to their parents, even after their traumatic divorce, so it was perplexing as to why MK and Ashley didn't step in and save their father and his wife from total financial ruin and possible homelessness.

Back in 2010, father David Olsen and his second wife Mc Kensie were facing foreclosure on their Tarzana, California home.So we have three insanely talented, driven and beautiful Olsen daughters ruling the silver screen, the fashion world and multiple facets of the business industry. Trent made a couple of cameos in his sisters' straight to DVD movies but otherwise has really shied away from the public eye.It can't be a piece of cake living under the shadow of his three younger sisters.They have literally been in the entertainment industry since they were in cradles.Their younger sister Elizabeth decided to bypass the child actor route after landing a few small acting roles but has since taken the film world by storm in her adult years. Yeah, the Olsens actually have an older bro who we very rarely hear about (they also have a few half siblings from Dad Dave).

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Just about everyone who grew up with an older brother fell victim to their pranks or mischief at one point or another, and the Olsen girls are no different than the average girls in that one respect.

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