Marriages that resulted from teenage dating Webcam dating toronto

She was only 19 at the time and chose to pledge her love to an Italian prince’s son. The odd wedding was held in a school bus with just two witnesses.

Wilde claimed they chose a bus because it offered the most privacy.

It’s no surprise to discover Kim Kardashian was a teen bride.

The simple elopement is far from what you’d expect from a Kardashian wedding.

Most know Courtney Stodden simply because she was a teenage bride.

It’s the classic story of a teen marrying a much older man.

She chose to forgo marrying anyone in the business and opted for a Welsh bartender instead. The two had only dated a mere six weeks before deciding to stay together forever.

The problem is most of them realized they were far too young to handle the responsibility of being a married couple when most teens their age were heading to college or starting a career.

Whether it was based on love or an unexpected pregnancy, celebrity teens aren’t much different than normal teens. They followed their hearts or hormones as the case may be. Just look at how well these 15 well known celebs turned out despite an early heartbreak.

They may not have been quite ready to take the big “I do” plunge, but at least they thought they were. At the very least, they’ll know what to expect for marriages later in life. Solange Knowles was only 17 when she married Daniel Smith.

It’s not the fairytale wedding you’d expect from an up and coming movie star, but it’s probably the last place the paparazzi would look. Still, the marriage lasted for eight years before the couple divorced in 2011.

Though he’s not in the news or on TV as often as he once was, it’s hard not to remember Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

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It was still two more years before the divorce was finalized.

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