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Sign up now for immediate access to our Marlin personal ads and find hundreds of attractive single women looking for love, sex, and fun in Marlin!MR, production started in Remington plant with proof mark REP However, Marlin like Winchester in the early years may have done a few special orders that do not fit.

This would be the beginnings of the beloved Marlin 39A, giving rise to what, more or less, amounts to the longest continuously manufactured rifle in the world (production was briefly suspended from 1917-1922 for the War effort).The 1 in 38" twist used in the .44 Magnum limits this rifle to bullets no heavier than the 320 grain SSK FP, but the .45 Colt has a 1 in 16" twist and can easily handle a wide variety of bullet weights.The .357 Magnum version is one of my favorite plinking rifles when stoked with .38 special ammo, and makes a spectacular varmint rifle for game like jack rabbits and ground squirrels when loaded with ammo designed for rapid expansion.When the hollow-point version of the Lyman 311041 is substituted into this load one gets a load that produces violent expansion and significant amounts of bloodshot meat ( explosive varmint load, but more destructive than some meat hunters care for). Rockwell became president of the new Marlin Arms Corporation, and in 1916 re-named it the Marlin Rockwell Corporation, which went on to become one of the largest machine gun manufacturers in the world.

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The 1893/1936/36 had the same side ejection that its predecessors had, with the flat-sided bolt and an open, square-cut bolt raceway milled through the rear of the receiver for the bolt to move through.

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