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My dad was always at work and really just didn't pay attention to the situation. He has suffered from extreme depression his entire life.

In school I was bullied constantly and never had any friends.

I said definitely because they were the cooler kids and I dont have a lot of freinds.

I asked my mom to drop me off and she brought the whole family to drop me off and then they were gonna do there thing I texted him beforehand asking if we were still hanging, he said yep.

It was so embarrassing my whole family was in there while I am frantically trying to get info on why it's not happening.

After like ten minutes my parents say we have to go.

I come back home after a really sad and check snapchat stories and there they are, all of them having the time of their life.

Exactly what it says on the tin, this place now has a chat room so if you'd like to join it, I'm sure we can make it a good chatting community in there hopefully!

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One day I decided to hit her back and broke her nose.

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