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They may be closet racists, sexists, homo-phobics, or harbor some other kind of hatred and fear.

However, they do very little self examination, and do not realize this about themselves.

They surround themselves with yes-men so that uncomfortable self-truths can be swept under the rug.

In fact, everything is constructed with like precision so that they will never prick themselves on a mirror, see their true image, and fall into a deep swoon. In online venues be it Hub Pages, Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else, it is easy to misunderstand others, and jump to “ may even be one of the “nasties”. The solution to nasty seems to be really simple; indeed it is shouted across the rooftops by many psychologists, fake psychologists, religious gurus, and self proclaimed human experts: It seems that if we are nice enough, nasty would somehow fix itself.

More likely, they will string you along and slowly savor the process of slow torture.Clueless nasty people will never admit to making mistakes. While true, this simple solution is not precise enough for practical use.Taking that first step, may cause them to slip and fall into the trap of self-examination, and that is a fate worse than death. More careful analysis reveals that fixing nasty can be achieved through a process called .we can better handle them, and tolerate them in our midst.; trying out new nasty tactics, searching for victims to be nasty to, and looking for other nasty people who can appreciate their art.You may pity proud nasty people because you think they are unbalanced, have a nasty past, or a difficult life. Most of them have wonderful childhoods and are enjoying a happy life today.

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