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In other words, since actual damages resulting from delay cease when the project is complete enough to perform its intended function and the agency takes possession and starts using it, then liquidated damages must also cease at this point.

Liquidated damages cannot be a penalty for the agency to club the contractor into compliance with punchlist, warranty, paperwork or other requirements that do not affect the use of the project as contemplated by the contract.

There, on a contract to build portable houses, the liquidated damages were /house/day. Pursuant to the contract, the state gave Nomellini 2440 house/days in extensions, leaving 4400 house/days of liquidated damages. The same obtains for all of the other risks that are allocated by the contract time extension clause.

Nomellini sued for remission of all liquidated damages. The same also obtains for all delays arising out of owner breaches of the contract, , interference with the contractor’s work on controlling operations.

The actual damages must result from a delay in putting the project into operation.

Then the inquiry turns to the agency’s breaches by failing to properly extend the contract completion date. In building contracts, there is often inserted a provision giving the architect power to certify an extension of time in certain cases, by virtue of which the effect of a delay caused by the owner operates merely as an extension of the time of performance, and a new time is substituted for the old.

Sometimes the court must first determine whether one of the specified events or conditions occurred, , did the public agency really order extra work for which a change order should have been issued, including an appropriate time extension. “The law required that some provision for liquidated damages be inserted … The fact that the government’s action caused some of the delay presents no legal ground for denying it compensation for loss suffered wholly through the fault of the contractor … In that event though the owner causes delay the builder is liable in liquidated damages, but the period of delay caused by the owner is deducted from the total delay.

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