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To play Alex Vause in the “Orange Is the New Black,” she dyed her hair black in 2013.So, she keeps changing her hair according to the needs of the character in movies and television shows.In the beginning of her acting career, Laura starred in plays such as Ascension Day and A Woman of Property.But she earned commercial success and recognition from the television sitcom That ‘70s Show in 1998.But Schilling later said that she wasn’t dating Brownstein or anyone else at that time. I really don’t fit into a box —that’s too reductive.”She’s in the middle of pregnancy rumors now, but in May she wasn’t sure about having a family. She said that the sudden interest in her dating life took some getting used to but she has “absolutely nothing to hide.”“If I was in a relationship I was happy with, I’d love to talk about it. Schilling keeps her personal life private, though there is constant scrutiny of her every action. Schilling was often asked about how it felt to kiss a girl on the show.

Laura walks on the elliptical trainer and does spinning. She works out every day and says that she can even workout for three sessions in a day.

Her father died in 1993, when she was 13 years old.

Laura is the youngest of five children--she has a brother named Brad and three sisters: Danielle, Jocelyn, and Stephanie.

Prepon made her film debut in 2001 film Southlander and later on appeared in films such as Lightening Bug, The Chosen One and The Kitchen.

Currently, she is appearing as Alex Vause in the television series Orange Is the New Black.

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