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Especially relevant for Kismet nightlife are two popular bayside bar and grills, The Inn and Surf’s Out.

Additionally, Kismet contains a beautiful 100-slip commercial marina. Most noteworthy, it is a quaint country-like atmosphere.

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The rustic hotel was built by Felix Dominy in 1844. Luckily, you can currently see the chimney-base attributed to Dominy House. These communities are Seabay Beach, Lighthouse Shores and Kismet proper. As a result, this area is a neighborhood of roughly 300 homes.

Unfortunately, the Dominy House was destroyed by fire in 1903. Proudly, it stands a few hundred feet from the bar, Surf’s Out, as a monument to Fire Island’s early heritage. Furthermore, you can still see evidence of the separate communities from the layout of the walkways.

The similarity is uncanny, and she watches after the singer until he is completely lost in the weave of other pedestrians, and almost doesn’t notice that the bus to Kilburn has arrived and is waiting with its doors open. Zahra says she’s fine, that she just got home, and when she asks the same question Anna jumps straight to it. I was at the bus stop and this guy came and started singing at me.’ ‘At ? A couple carrying large Argos bags walk past and, since Anna imagines everything and everyone in Kilburn being deficient in some way, she pictures a low number flashing above their heads, a 57. She looks for him along the top deck of the bus, then presses her forehead to the side window. ’ Her phone emits a harsh beep, the sound of a wrong answer, and the small picture of Zahra’s face disappears from her screen.

Luke Tredget lives in London and works in international development. The bus to Kilburn is a long time coming, and while waiting Anna looks back and forth between two versions of the Edgware Road, the real and the digital.The real one, all around her, is busy shifting into its evening routine.Dozens of people are gathering around her at the bus stop, pedestrians are streaming along the pavement and clotting at the zebra crossing, cars and taxis and lorries are blocked in both directions on the road, and beyond them the Odeon is filling up with couples queuing for tickets and popcorn.She wonders if something is amiss with her profile, or if she would be getting hits if she were waiting for a bus headed to east London, and then this thought is wiped by something surprising: she can hear singing. She doesn’t add that joining Kismet has also jazzed her mood, but she does minimise Zahra’s face to a thumbnail on her screen and opens the map again. Everyone starts the week thinking they’re in the wrong job.’ ‘I see,’ says Anna. ’ There is a cold silence from Zahra’s end of the line.‘Happy birthday to you.’ A young white man in a fleece and jogging bottoms is standing in front of her, with one foot off the kerb and one hand hanging onto the bus signpost. His eyes sweep along the bus stop once more, as if he has proved his point and shamed them into silence, and then he walks away. ‘Everyone feels like that on a Monday,’ says Zahra. ‘I didn’t know that.’ There is another pause as the bus passes a billboard for the new Kismet Love Test, which provides a one-off retrospective score for couples who met in the traditional way. For six months’ work they should feel transcendental underfoot. A bus parked ahead pulls away, revealing a shelter where a dozen or so people are gathered. Six six.’ Zahra sighs, then repeats the number aloud a few times. ’ ‘I can’t see shit.’ ‘Then you should stay.’ ‘I’m staying,’ says Anna, as the engine rumbles to life. I’ve forgotten the etiquette.’ ‘I still don’t approve.

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