Kevin cheng and niki chow dating

Some also stated that Kevin's wife Grace Chan is also following Niki's activity on social media even though they do not follow each other online.

Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow dated for several years after working together in the TVB series "Hard Fate" in 2004.

As netizens continue to speculate about whether or not Niki still has feelings for her now married ex-boyfriend, the media recently contacted the actress about the post, to which she expressed cluelessness about."I am currently in the mainland and can't get on Instagram," she said.

On the other hand, others are now speculating that it could just be a case of an accidental click, or that the actress' account was hacked.

6 Nov – Hong Kong actress Niki Chow recently expressed confusion over the commotion that sparked following an online comment that she may or may have not liked on social media.

As reported on On CC, a netizen recently shared that the actress, who used to date actor Kevin Cheng in the past, has liked a fan's comment online saying that Niki and Kevin are a match made in heaven and should reconcile someday.

Although rumors claimed that Kevin had fallen for Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) at the time, Kevin clarified that he would only start a new relationship after ending an old one.At Toby Leung’s wedding in December 2011, Kevin and Niki ran into each other once again.Although Niki was rumored to be upset at Kevin since their breakup, the meeting at Toby’s wedding settled their differences and rekindled their mutual feelings.Kevin and Niki were also spotted wearing matching “lovers” accessories, including the same straw hat and pair of glass frames.Niki wore her new glasses as early as April, in which she reportedly stated that she purchased the glasses in Japan; the frames were part of a collection with matching designs for couples!

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At the same time, there was a photo of Niki eating at the same restaurant and even at the same table!

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