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So step up your game when you are trying to connect with Penn students.

Is The League doing enough to sustain its global network? Or instead does it hope that we continue swiping left so that we stay on the platform and continue to grow their bottom line?

According to Tinder, University of Penn students are enjoying the greatest amount of success.

The rankings are based on the percentage of "yes" swipes in the month of September by users who list one of the eight Ivy League schools in their profile.

Finally, the schools were ranked according to the number of "Super Likes," which allow users to alert prospective dates of their interest before a match.

Even though Harvard students have the least success with matches, they receive the most Super Likes of the eight Ivy League schools. The exact figures from Tinder were not disclosed in the report.

Given low switching costs and limited differentiation between platforms and services, many consumers have free accounts on several mobile dating platforms.

There is minimal brand loyalty in the mobile dating space.

The League has an acceptance algorithm that then scans social networks (Linked In and Facebook) to ensure applicants are in the right age group and are career oriented.

The better The League is at doing its intended goal, the worse off it becomes because it loses members from its network and suffers from loss of advertising revenue (another primary source of revenue aside from premium membership fees).

In addition, there is a great deal of multi-homing in the mobile dating industry.

The app uses an algorithm to ensure that users aren’t shown current coworkers or people within their primary network to avoid awkward encounters.

Value Creation: The League is a multi-sided platform, connecting consumers interested in dating with each other and advertisers with a source of young professional consumers.

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