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This is all that the people are gonna see.' I'm like, 'We're just raising our kids.' What's so bad about me — even though we're not together — coming over and the kids seeing us together happy? Gotti even contemplated getting a stick to break the cameras that were shooting that scene."I always watch Dave Chappelle's [skit] 'When "Keeping It Real" Goes Wrong.' I be like, 'Is that me? "I think people like my reality [show] because they know with me, it's not scripted.It's all the way real." One thing he insists that we won't see on the show is Gotti dating other women.It's not like he's become a priest or anything, but he doesn't want to appear on TV with someone he's not serious about.

More of Irv and Ashley’s sweet swirl love when you continue…

She lying.’ They asked me if “I’m Real” and “Ain’t It Funny” was about Diddy and I was like, ‘Sure they are.'”Gotti: “Ecstasy was good. It is a unique skill that woman have, and you know, I wasn’t ready to be the man she was wanting me to be at that moment. You know, anything that you wanna do to the best of your abilities, you have to be somewhat selfish.

’ I was high on like three ecstasy pills so I’m floating and angry. Lo and she said “I’m Real” ain’t about Puffy,’ and I was like ‘What? Y’all women have a unique skill of knowing that this is the man that you want, but maybe he’s not the man you want him to be right now. So when someone bails and you like, yo, I’m probably the illest n***a in ya life next to your dad.

I hope this isn't one of those reality shows like the one based in Atlanta where the couple have been separated (and living in separate homes) but now they're mysteriously back together on the reality show.

Irv Gotti is head over heels with Ashley Martelle, aka “the white Taz Angel“…

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Anyone who watches the trailer for Irv Gotti and family's "Gotti's Way 2" on VH1 wouldn't be blamed for thinking the relationship between him and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Deb, is deteriorating. "It isn't getting worse," Gotti maintained with a smile while visiting the MTV News offices before the show's season premiere (Tuesday, May 5). It's conflict in this one, but the conflict is real.

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