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If adding a third dimension to your sex life is something youre interested in trying, dont be afraid to suggest it.

Oftentimes the fear of using sex toys with your partner can stem from the idea that if you want to use them, its because you need to use them; but that isnt always the case.

According to researchers, the rounded disks, called pessoi, were commonly used by Romans to wipe their backsides after using the facilities.

Researchers say that despite the rounded edges, the disks would have been uncomfortable by modern standards.

A matching Greek proverb was also cited by Phillipe Charlier, a French Professor who was quoted in the Daily Mail, saying "Three stones are enough to wipe..." The full proverb is specific about what was being wiped and hints at the ancient Roman practice of using the pessoi for personal hygiene.

For the past 50 years, one museum in England displayed their pessoi as broken gaming pieces. The recent revelations also sheds light on the real reason why archaeologists and curators often handle unknown ancient artifacts with latex gloves.

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Although traditional sex toys like vibrators and dildos are often used by women alone, sex toys arent just for going solo; theyre perfect for complementing an already functioning sex life.

Just ask Jessica*, a 26-year-old accountant whos been married for nearly three years.

Ancient artifacts in a British museum have been reclassified as Roman toilet paper.

Previously they were displayed as gaming pieces until researchers took another look at them.

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