Intimidating young actors

It is of no use if the actor is working in a complete different direction as the director. This is why he prefers “silence” from the director.The “beat” and “need” system creates a language between director and actor that can quickly and effectively relay information without over-analysing on set. I asked Van den Bergh how to direct professional, older actors as a young independent film-maker/director.Effective communication is achievable through the “actor’s vocabulary” and the key is not to over-direct but rather to build a relationship with actors based on trust.

It is interesting to note that Williams prepares without the director.Ian Gabriel, on the other hand, uses the beats extensively. Williams uses a combination between Meisner and the Method.He uses Meisner to find the meaning behind the text, what the screenwriter intended in each beat and subtext.“Most importantly”, Williams says, “know your beats and direct them”. The project is based off the origins of the dc character Kyle Rayner on how he became a green lantern and i will be requiring five actors one as Kyle one as an editor and three as muggers expenses will be covered for travel.

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Are they known for being classy, dramatic, heroic, or funny?

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