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A commercial PSP version is due for release in later 2010.

A visual novel horror game featuring Youko Kotohira, a high school student who finds a summer job as a maid at a mysterious house in Fukushima.

The page was deleted in 2008, though Himaruya promised it would be back up after a renovation.A webcomic detailing the story of a group of high school delinquents at Barjona High, and their adventures with their broadcasting club.The later lead character, Yamato Nara, has since appeared in the Noto-sama games following Hinaji's departure and in the deleted sequel to Christmas Rampage 2007.The lead character, Noto Kanazawa, was the star of his own flash game series, entitled Noto-sama (with Hetalia characters making their first appearances in the 5th game).He also appeared in the Rampage sequel, in a crossover with the Hetalia characters.

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However, the majority of the other strips make up other time periods, including but not limited to the Medieval ages and the 21st century.

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