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Louis has proven to be more than just a place for resettling immigrants. Louis’ president and CEO Anna Crosslin, made a point of letting residents know that refugees have opened about 300 small businesses bringing more than 0 million in the region in different forms varying from job creation to spending profits.

There is a culture-clash between traditional practices and modern laws and norms.

Louis suggest that it is because Eritrea doesn’t have a birth certificate or people don’t celebrate birthdays.

She said “In many countries around the world, there is no such thing as birth certificates, there is no recognition of birthdays.” This claim has some merit.

These stories are constant reminders of how the area has not only embraced immigrants who came to the U. looking for protection but also created an environment for them to thrive. Ruth Iyob, a noted Eritrean intellectual, an associate professor and research fellow in the Center for International studies at the University of Missouri-St. It was mandatory reading when I was a student at Asmara University. Louis is also home to Mengesha Yohannes and his brothers who are celebrating the 27th anniversary of their restaurant Bar Italia, a successful Central West End restaurant with some Eritrean roots, serving mainly Italian food bringing to light a reminder that Eritrea was once an Italian colony.

I’d also like to point out the inspiring successful Eritrean-American migrant stories before talking about the challenges and complexities surrounding this unfortunate matter. Those are the immigrant stories off the top of my head as evidence and example that, when afforded opportunities, Eritrean immigrants benefit the economic growth of their communities and, in turn, achieve the American Dream.

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From young lives cut short in an unsolved homicide where the victim was a second generation twenty year old young Eritrean man, Romeo H.

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