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We're Not Swinging From Chandeliers Now listen, I enjoy trying out new toys and moves, like jumping off the dryer and landing in the splits on top of my man, you know, just like everyone else.

Men generally don't have time for games (Hahahahaha... But I mean, mature men who are ready for a real relationship can't be bothered with someone who is pretending to be someone that they're not. I've murdered some hot wings on a first date before with zero apologies! He Knows You're Fat I have this argument with many of my plus-sized friends. ) is that they prefer a woman who is confident in her skin as opposed to hiding behind Spanx or wearing black, baggy clothes to camouflage her fat. I'm talking to the ladies who think the Spanx will magically make all the fat go away!

On that note, there is ONE solution though, and what I'm planning on doing to save myself and my superficial personality.

Use handsome lookw when young to get married to a dime, that way you have your own milf in middle-age.

I'm not trying to knock anyone's hustle, but this whole 'let me suck myself into some Spanx, so he doesn't know how fat I really am' has got to stop. Now, if you wear body slimmers to smooth you out in your clothes, I'm not talking to you. I used to be one of those ladies who would speed walk to the bathroom after sex because I didn't want him to notice my multiple love handles. As a great meme once said 'Ladies, you are oxtail, don't let anyone treat you like you're chicken back!

When I grew more comfortable in my skin, it turned into 'let's keep the lights on babe.' This goes for both men and women—one of the sexiest traits that you can have is confidence. ' Translation for my non-Caribbean readers 'Ladies, you are filet mignon, don't let anyone treat you like you're ground beef!

I compare my body to the bodies of other fat goddesses. Growing up, he was always into skinny women and looked at fat women as people who didn't take care of themselves. Hate to break your hearts here, but this has nothing to do with being fat or slim. I'm all for being healthy, and I do enjoy healthy meals, but let's be honest girls, if we feel for steak and potatoes, we should order the steak and potatoes! The consensus that I've gotten from the men that I've spoken with (for you smartasses, I know this is not scientific!

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Eventually the months turn into years and the years turn into decades and relationships come and go. For me, it felt like I was having sex with a slightly less buff dude. There's a difference between having a few extra pounds in certain areas and being obese.

One day, you find yourself way more attracted to somebody who is nice to you and doesn't give you a bunch of shit about trivial things. I've always enjoyed played sports and being active. Their bodies were very hard and toned, I just wasn't into it for some reason. After my first time having sex with a thicker woman, that was it for me. Me, I'm so ridiculously superficial that I evaluate my partners 90% on looks.

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  1. Swan earned graduate certificates in Faith Based Community and Economic Development from Harvard Divinity School and attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Master of Divinity in Urban Ministry. In January 2009, the Solid Rock and Spring of Hope Churches merged and Swan was installed as pastor on May 31, 2009.

  2. Someone who knows and treasures both you and the person he or she is fixing you up with, can definitely tip the odds in your favor. Too many people, especially in these days of rushing and hyper-focusing, do not see who or what is around them.