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It is not surprising to find married men and women on Tinder or other dating apps.After Ashley Madison (the website for extramarital meetings that was shut down after a cyberattack breached the privacy of millions of its users across the world including India), there are a number of apps that are being launched and marketed specifically to encourage and cater to the extramarital affairs online dating community. Not surprisingly, ‘Extramarital dating app India’ is one of the most searched items on Google Play.In India, the credit purchasing packs for men range from Rs 750 to Rs 9,500.After the Supreme Court last year diluted Article 377, stating homosexuality is no more a crime, same-sex relationships are also growing on the app."I met my lover (via Gleeden), also married, and since then we share stolen moments of happiness.It is a way for us to escape from our daily lives without hurting our spouses and families," she adds. Five lakh Indians are now registered on Gleeden -- the French online dating community platform and the world's first extra-marital dating website for married people."I have to admit that my extra-marital relationship has literally changed me.

So in less than one year, our registered users have grown over 37 per cent which proves that people really needed this kind of platform," Paillet said.Gleeden is run by women and is completely free for women users."Gleeden is the first extra-marital dating website made by women for women.“The Indian culture and values are imbibed in every Indian person.With these values, come a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices, especially for the women.

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