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so basically i included this code in the worksheet where it needs to get updated with data from original workbook whenever any changes happens in original workbook.

Some call it the most powerful command in Excel VBA, while others struggle with simple VBA macros oblivious of its existence – today we with explore the VBA Evaluate function or more precisely the VBA Application. Evalute is a great if you want to easily reuse your Excel formulas in a context of a VBA macro.

This prevents you from accidentally overwriting an existing record with blank cells.

If all the data entry cells are filled in, the Update code: To see a quick overview of how you can customize the Excel Data Entry Form, you can watch these 2 short video.

In the sample workbook, the Order number is used as the ID number.

While you are viewing a record, you can change its data, then click the Update button to copy those changes to the database.

Consider the table on the right I will use to run a simple VLOOKUP function.

I have an excel workbook which has 10 worksheets and now i created a new workbook with just 1 worksheet from the original workbook and now i want the new workbook to be updated with data from original workbook whenever any updates or changes take place.You can also add a "New" button to the data entry form.This feature has been added the Version 2 sample file, which has Add, Update, New and Delete buttons In this version, 3 named ranges were added: The New button runs a macro that clears the Data Entry Clear range, and puts the next available ID number in the IDNum cell.The syntax for the Evaluate function in VBA is: A formula or the Name of the object you want to evaluate.The length of the Name must be less than or equal to 255 characters.

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