Detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which

Without coding the "Click" event, the database update of the modified record works fine. Form View Control, and "Click" event of "Update" button Hi Folks, I have a question relating to attaching code to the "Click" event of the default "Update" button within the Edit Template of the Form View control. So I added stub of that event handler using F4 method outlined above. However after returning to the normal details view and the opening the by stopping the web app and and restarting it. Update: Your MSDN example shows how to change mode back to read only when Page Index is changed. I also put a break point in the Mode Changing event. OK The attempt to run the app had it crash with error "dv_Item Updating firing but not handled". Then double clicking it opened textboxes for the item field contents and changed thelinkbuttons to read update and Cancel. Doubleclicking New after several attempts eventually changed the details view to field headers with empty textboxes with the linkbuttons Insert and Cancel.

more about Sasha from Dnepropetrovsk Over 10,000 personal ads of beautiful Russian brides. Handle Event(Event Args e, Boolean causes Validation, String validation Group) at System. On Bubble Event(Object source, Event Args e) at System. Which I may not understand completely which is why I am asking this question ? -will, Look way deep inside yourself; Find your diamond and unbury your wealth. Normally the wizard control is..."Error Creating Control" when dragging control from toolbox I am having a problem in a VS 2003 web application. Hello All, I have an aspx page with several "requiredfieldvalidator" and one "customvalidator" for the checkbox. Raise Post Back Event(IPost Back Event Handler source Control, String event Argument) at System. [like creating a menu GUI for my menu control] or would themes and skinning be applicable to this situation. Label'." (I dragged a Label on in this case.) When I switch to the source view, I see that this was added to the top of the page. How to show error mesage from "Custom Validator" to "Validation Summary" control?

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Raise Bubble Event(Object source, Event Args args) at System.

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