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Having observed all of this, Ryuk thinks to himself that it is amusing how people who are so troubled are all acting like everything is normal.Afterwards, Soichiro answers a call from Aizawa and tells Light and Matsuda that they must leave.Kiyomi then inherited some pages of Misa's Death Note to help with Kira's crusade.After getting herself kidnapped, Light murdered her to avoid being traced back to Kira.In the Death Note movie, Shiori was dating Light before he acquired his Death Note.When Kira became a sensation, Shiori was strongly opposed to the idea of him.Light had faith that if she found out he was Kira, she'd eventually understand.When the police, the FBI and various other detectives began coming after Light at the same time, he plans for Shiori to be murdered before his very eyes, taking the heat off him once and for all.

In 2007, a man informs two wards, Mello and Near, of the death of L.To give Matsuda a hard time, Sayu tells him that she would consider dating him if he were younger.Sayu then asks when Light and Misa will get married.Matsuda is clearly surprised by how much Sayu's appearance has changed in five years.Misa laughs at how much Matsuda is blushing and Soichiro promptly proclaims that he will never allow Sayu to marry a police officer and his wife agrees.

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