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I was 10 years old when I first heard the word “virginity.” I was having the sex talk with my mother.

She told me, “You have to lose your virginity in order to have babies.” Back then, I didn’t fully understand the word, but little by little I realized that “virginity” is a crucial element of a broader sexist culture that aims to oppress women through their bodies.

I live in Tunisia, and virginity here is sacred; it’s the most valuable thing a woman can have.

Even mothers frequently don’t support their own daughters.

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The recent legal victory regarding this issue, therefore, doesn’t address the bullying and discrimination women who lose their virginity out of wedlock are still subjected to.

At the same time that this stigma persists, many men who adhere to these ideals about women’s virginity and dignity have sex with many women themselves both before and after marriage.

A woman’s virginity here is proof of her prudery, decency, and dignity, and indicates that she is trustworthy, honest, and eligible for marriage.

In order to maintain that virginity, girls’ freedom is restricted once they start to develop a feminine shape.

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