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In 1964, Hill set his first world record, clocking .6 for 25 kilometres (15.5 mi) eclipsing Emil Zátopek's previous mark by more than 1 minute; he also set another world record of .2 for 15 miles (24 km) along the way.

Hill lays claim to the longest streak of consecutive days running, running every day for 52 years and 39 days from 1964 to 2017.Later in 1968, he again lowered the world 10-mile (16 km) world record, to .0.In the 1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City, he placed seventh in the 10000 m.In 1969, Hill won the European Championships Marathon on the Marathon-to-Athens course.In 1970, Hill became the first British runner to win the Boston Marathon, by a wide margin, shattering the course record by three minutes with a time of .

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