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The actors manage to do a average job with what they've got (which is nothing almost) and you get one or two jokes that actually are funny, but it's not enough.

Some say it's realistic, I think it's conventional, it's too smooth and lacks depth. After 30 minutes, you kind of wish something's going to happen but no.

Every plot turn is danced around as if it were never intended to be more than fodder for a cheesy inuendo or an oft-cited pun.

Games People Play takes place "inside the high-stakes world of professional sports where everyone plays to win.

With an ensemble cast of dynamic characters including an ambitious reporter, a millionaire basketball player, a desperate housewife, a scandalous groupie, and a murderous stalker, the series follows three women Nia, Vanessa and Laila and the men in their lives.

Production companies involved with the series were slated to consist of Edmonds Entertainment.

Nick Jenkins finds himself back in the single scene as his relationship with his fiancee abruptly fall apart.

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