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One of my favorite stations was the hammer and nails station. You basically mimic hammering a nail but you use golf tees and styrofoam blocks. A little noisy, but safer than a real hammer and nail!Now, I don’t know about you but I searched far and wide for some kid toy hammer favors to use but all I could find were the ones sold in sets and inflatable ones.Because the intent was for the invitation to be “blueprint”esque–large and thin paper.I ended up just printing them on my laser printer which also reduced cost.The backdrop was created from blue paint chips from the local hardware store.Over it, I had cut out a cardboard L and lined it with yellow tissue paper tassel.For the party itself, while there are some really cool black and yellow theme construction parties out there, I wanted to change it up with some color.

My toddler loves loves loves to bulldoze anything–like most little boys his age.

I thought it would be fun to make him some XL roads–or as my son calls them, “woads” for the party.

I lined the tables with some black paper and using some bright yellow duct tape, added the yellow lines and dashes.

I’m in awe of the color duct tape selection nowadays!

For the table settings, I also cut some slits into yellow paint chips and stuck in the utensils. Construction Party Activities This was one of the more fun parts of the party planning.

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Since my son’s birthday is in the winter, it’s a crapshoot to do it at a party where the kids can burn off energy running around so I wanted set up construction related activities or stations for the kids to participate in.

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