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Block text logo nickeled ; Apologies to Simon, this is my first attempt at documenting this kind of thing. On a relative basis Atkins saws are typically harder and more evenly tempered than products by Disston.

Identifying an Atkins saw; Three styles of medallion nuts adorn products E. Atkins was purchased by the Borg-Warner Corporation in ; the factory at Indianapolis was closed in and operations were relocated to Greenville, Mississippi.

I found that out by reading this post: I was hoping that one of the very knowledgeable US-based collectors would have prepared something by now but I the meantime these notes are what I have been able to piece together from old catalogues and documents thanks to Viktor.

I wonder if the number being sideways indicates this is a crosscut saw, or indicates nothing of the kind…

Henry Disston began selling saws in 1840, eventually manufacturing everything from crosscut saws, designed to cut across the grain of a piece of wood, to rip saws, whose teeth help keep a cut straight when sawing with the grain.

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Atkins & Co., a major American saw and tool manufacturer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Indianapolis factory was closed in 1960-61 and its operations relocated to Greenville, Mississippi. Nicholson produced some saws under the Nicholson name before ceasing hand saw production.

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