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They should also use a combination of strategies to protect themselves and their coworkers through the handling of the device.We will now review recommended practices that reflect this concept.For example, it may be possible to use alternative cutting methods such as blunt electrocautery or laser devices.

Speaker Notes: In this, and previous discussions, we have covered information about the distribution of injuries across departments and occupations, as well as devices and procedures associated with sharps injuries.Data show that the risk of a sharps injury begins at the moment sharps are first exposed and ends once sharps are permanently removed from exposure in the work environment.Therefore, to promote safe work practices, healthcare personnel need to have an awareness of the risk of injury throughout the time sharps are exposed.Slide 3 Pie chart: Undetermined 18%, Nonpreventable 18%, Preventable 64% (Unnecessary needle use 15%, safer needle device available 26%, Improper safety device activation 6%, Unsafe work practice 7%, Improper disposal 9%, Other 1%) Speaker Notes: Here, data from CDCs National Surveillance System for Healthcare Workers (or Na SH) show that most, but not all injuries, could have been averted.This holds true even if unnecessary needle use was eliminated, or if a safer needle device was used.

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Slide 16 Speaker Notes: If you encounter improperly disposed sharps in the work environment, handle them carefully. Use a mechanical device to pick up sharps if they cannot be handled safely.

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