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Empowered Single Moms provides information to empower parents in raising successful kids. Emma is a former journalist and charity communications manager who lives in the UK.

At the age of 38, she elected to use a sperm donor to become pregnant.

Amanda loves to encourage readers and listeners to embrace bravery, and “love the life they live, even if it doesn’t go exactly the way they plan.” 15.

Single Moms Income – by Alexa, a personal finance freelance writer, online entrepreneur, and mother of two daughters.

She’s always trying to learn new ways to make life a little bit easier while still making sure they’re having fun along the way.

Oh, how good it would have been to know that I was not alone…that there were other moms raising their children alone, who not only survived the struggles but they persevered and were thriving in their motherhood.

That would have been very comforting…however it was not my experience…but it does not have to be yours!

You can find support, encouragement, and advice to help you through single parenthood and beyond! Lucy believes that although few of us aspire to be a single mum if our path gets redirected it doesn’t mean we should give up on our dreams. Carmen is a teacher, life strategist and advice columnist. Nakisha Wynn – by Nakisha, a single mom of four kids (two boys ages 12 and 4 and 3-year-old twin girls). She blogs about single parenting, toddler life, and self-care. In 18 years as a single mom, LC has learned how to deal with the challenges of single motherhood with wisdom, grace, a sense of humor and yes…a few tears.

Her inspiration for creating the blog was the desire to raise a cool kid and to help people know that someone else has experienced similar crap and maybe that information might give some people hope that by fighting thru it, they’ll eventually get past it… It is her goal to help single moms thrive through their struggles and live their best life! You can expect to find real talk about real issues that single moms face every day at every stage of the journey! Always Moving Mommy – by Lynn, single mom of 3 children.

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