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When she resurfaced in an interview with, Bureiko claimed that someone she knew had offered to pay her roughly 50 U. dollars in exchange for access to her Facebook account.That same individual, Bureiko said, forced her to file the complaint at the prosecutor’s office, saying that would be the only way she could get her normal life back.The only problem: The Tinder account and conversations were fake.

Tinder may be a testing ground for developing the technology that combines “kompromat” (the Russian term for compromising information) and digital platforms.The grave personal and political consequences of such attacks are clear.First, this type of digital campaign creates fake digital personalities, avatars that live forever online.Shortly thereafter, Bureiko turned herself in to the Ukrainian police, reported the scheme to the police, and started living in an undisclosed location under the protection of Ukrainian law enforcement. 10, 2018, the Chief Military Prosecutor in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine said he had identified 11 people involved in recent information attacks, including the Tinder scandal.The two suspects most closely tied to the Tinder attack are the infamous Ukrainian “political technologist” Volodymyr Petrov, and his friend, a blogger and former advisor to the minister of information policy, Oleksandr Baraboshko.

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The chief military prosecutor announced that law enforcement authorities had seized 230,000 USD from a safe deposit box belonging to Petrov, and that the perpetrators of the sex scandal had received 10,000 USD as payment for their services.

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