Dating a warranted flask bottle

I expect to have a section of bottle mysteries, that I need solutions for; and with the hope that when someone recognizes them they will write to me.

The Montauk Wine & Liquor Company was apparently active from the late 1800’s until at least 1917 or 1918.

I got my first collected bottle by visiting a glass factory when I was about nine years old.

At times they were listed under the heading “Wine & Liquor Dealers – Wholesale” and other times under the retail heading of “Wines, Liquors and Lager Beer,” and still other times under both headings.

When I was about nine years old, my Dad went to work at the Morris Chain Works in Ithaca, NY.

He would often bring home little pieces of metal scrap products and he delighted in how I thought they were made.

I keep collecting printed information and books on the subject and I have assembled studies on various glass products and how they were made.

I have collected items from Early Black Glass to Case Gins, Civil War Glass, to Fly traps and minnow traps.

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In the fall this trip ended up with me carrying a metal bucket to pick up pieces of soft coal dropped by the engine tenders, onto the tracks.

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