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She is a dhampir guardian being the only child and daughter of infamous Moroi Ibrahim "Abe" Mazur and well-known Guardian Janine Hathaway. Rosemarie 'Rose' Hathaway is the narrator and heroine of the Vampire Academy series.Zal is currently working on a TV series, "The OA", which, writing and directing.Furthermore, The OA is Drama and Fantasy genre series, which stars Zal's friend of a long time, Brit.Zal started as a director from a short movie "The Recordist" in 2007; however, his first major directorial project came in 2011.He directed the film "Sound of My Voice" which stars Brit Marling and Constance Wu.Zal Batmanglij lives an interesting personal life, keeping most of his intimate life to himself.

Moreover, it earned just about .4 million, with a .5 million investment.

Lissa's brother, Andre, Rose, and Lissa were in the back seats of car.

Rose and Lissa wanted Eric to turn up the music, and as he was turning it up, a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road smashed into them.

In spite of everything that's happened, I've never thought of myself that way. In the same year, she and Lissa ran away from St Vladimir's to save Lissa from an unknown threat, only for Lissa to be brought back two years later by Guardian Dimitri Belikov and others. Vladimirs, Dimitri was assigned to teach Rose privately.

that's why ultimately, you and I aren't matched for each other. At the age of fifteen she died in the same accident that killed the Dragomir family, leaving only Lissa, who saved Rose using the element Spirit, making Rose the first known shadow-kissed dhampir since Anna.

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Over the course of a few weeks Dimitri and Roza fell in love, but it was forbidden because of their age differences, Rose being a student and Dimitri a teacher, and the fact that they would both one day be Lissa's guardians.

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