Dating a patient

Hey guys, I know that a lot of people say that's it's wrong for doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers higher up in the food chain to date their patients (or one of their friends or relatives) outside of work but do you think the same thing would apply for ward clerks/ordelies/ward based cleaners etc.?

For all registered practitioners the therapeutic relationship must be long gone. I would prefer to meet in a hospital than in a crowded club where everyone is getting drunk and sick but there's no one there to look after them!A doctor dating a patient is in breach of their medical license and is extremely serious so they are not only risking just losing their jobs. a cleaner or a receptionist will not face the same consequences.worst case scenario, they are asked to leave the job or get transferred to a different location but they can continue working as a receptionist at a different venue The basis for the rules is power.Morally is it considered unethical to do this in Australia? I've been seeing a female GP due to a medical condition I have that is mostly benign...because I have been seeing here for over 3yrs regularly, we start to flirt a bit and I think it might go on to the next level.

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