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- How do I ensure that the row is locked during the above activity? In a future version DB2 for z OS may support: SELECT mailboxid INTO :newmailboxid FROM FINAL TABLE(UPDATE BTMFE_MB_NEXT_AVL SET mailboxid = Hi All, I've been tasked with writing a z/OS C program to read and update a table (DB/2 v8).The row is locked by virtue of the cursor being declared FOR UPDATE. This Table contains a single row with a single column of data.If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello.

Suppose our SQL query fetches many-rows result table.This program (which will run as a Stored Proc) needs to implement a strategy for concurrency as the Stored Proc can be called concurrently by several different users.The code essentially does the following: 1) Read the current value (eg.Everything works as expected, but I'm not sure if concurrency has been addressesed.- Do I need to use a SCROLL cursor when the table only has a single record with a single column?

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