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Before using a dating site, you'll have to make sure it has a strong anti-scam filter.

The problem is, it may be quite a time-consuming process — but the good news is that you don't have to do it by yourself.

Lucky for me, my employment taught me very well on what and what is not real and genuine.

I don’t understand why this company along with other dating sites are not investigated for their deceptive practices.

The next thing when you tell them you are not interested in their services they try to give you a 15-minute sales pitch in which you have to lose your temper informing them you are not interested.

Shortly after you hang up from them, you start receiving phone calls from countries other than the US.

They immediately insist on you sending them more pictures of you.

Instead of them having a confirm payment button it just automatically takes your money with one accidental click. But no it was against their policies to give refunds even if it was only a few minutes of purchase. The representative kept trying to talk me into another subscription. I canceled my subscription to over the phone and the representative explained they would not refund my money, and talked to me like I was ignorant.

The scammers provide you with a telephone number that does not match the geographical location that they list on their profiles.

These scammers have an abundance of tricks when trying to lure innocent people and if you’re not careful and observant you can get caught up in it.

After I canceled my Cupid subscription last fall, they GAVE my banking information to who has been making unauthorized debits from me since November last year.

They make it very sneaky, looking like it could be just another transactions.

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