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This isn’t the end of the world, but it is another surgery, there are costs involved, the patient often goes to another doctor for this, et cetera.

So, for this surgeon, it’s easier to put in a non-multifocal lens where the risk is that if the patient doesn’t have adequate near vision you can give him a pair of reading glasses.

There’s also a toric version of the lens, the Trulign.

In a recent study of 78 patients randomized to receive the Crystalens AO, the Alcon Re STOR 3 D or the Tecnis Multifocal, the Crystalens patients had significantly fewer halos than the Tecnis, and less optical scatter than either the Re STOR or the Tecnis MF.1 Though binocular uncorrected distance acuity wasn’t significantly different among the lenses, the AO had better monocular and binocular uncorrected and distance-corrected intermediate acuity than the Re STOR or the Tecnis MF.

In June 2014, AMO received the CE Mark to market the Tecnis Symfony Extended Range of Vision IOL in Europe.

The Symfony takes a different approach to maximizing a patient’s range of vision by addressing the optical property known as chromatic aberration.

However, by correcting chromatic aberration, even without using diffractive optics to expand the visual range, the lens would have extremely sharp distance vision on the order of 20/12 or even 20/10.

The process is not yet done, however, in the Symfony.

“While I believe multifocal IOLs can be effective, it’s hard to predict who’s going to be very unhappy with the loss of quality of vision that they have,” Dr. “For that reason, I feel like offering a lens that has a lower risk of these issues, yet still gives some extended range of focus, is something patients understand and appreciate.“About 8 percent of the lenses used today are multifocals,” he says.“The reason for this relatively low usage is a result of the typical surgeon not wanting the possibility of a lens exchange if the patient has intolerable halos or glare.“Our discussion with candidates for presbyopic IOLs has changed,” Dr. “We used to give those talks [from the podium] about patient selection, but we’ve evolved into educating all patients about their options.There is no perfect lens platform out there right now, so patients have to understand the limitations of the technology and see how it would fit into their lifestyle. a specific endpoint,” he says, “because we know there are people who see 20/20 and J1 with a multifocal who are unhappy and we’ve had patients with great intermediate and distance vision, but who still wear readers, who are very happy.

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“When we look up close, we experience the depth-of-field effect,” explains Dr. “The first thing to understand is that the term diffractive optics doesn’t necessarily imply multifocality,” says Daniel Chang, MD, an ophthalmologist from Bakersfield, Calif., who is an investigator for the U. Second, it uses these optics to extend the range of quality vision.” As Drs.

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