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I apologise for anything sounding stereotypical in there, but I'm just speaking from what I have to put up with. And then again, there would also be the idea that it might not be excepted by the community.... In a way I think some people worry about sterotypes to much, when even considering such a game. NO THEY ARE FUCKING HORNY AND NEED TO JACK OFF TO SOMTHING VIA THEIR PAINTING I think you're going into a bit of a paradox.You do have to be Einstein or some other genius to figure this out, I mean look at it this way and please read the whole thing:-straight guys don't want to make sim date games based on scoring with a guy-only straight girls and rarer gay guys would make said game-if only 0.01% people on Newgrounds are able to write the code for the game, think about how little girls/gay guys are able to if less than half of Newgrounds users fall into those categories Who are you addressing your "complaint" to?It was released in Japan for the PC on September 28, 2001.A 'Full Voice Version' of the game was released in Japan on July 25, 2003, including full voice acting and extended scenarios for each character.

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