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In my last semester of nursing school, I met a Computer Science major named Matt in a fitness swimming class.

I was a little surprised, but thought, “Well, I like him as a friend, and I’d hate to say no to a courtship just because I don’t have any romantic interest.2) I’d never date anyone to whom I wasn’t already attracted.Subconsciously, I also determined that I would not go on any date that was set up by someone else, nor would I date any guy that seemed to like me more than I liked him.Looking back, I regret that I didn’t call him myself.Calling him personally would have been the decent thing to do; I took the easy route, I think, because I found myself irritated about the entire courtship model.

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Trusting my heart to him was not a concept I embraced, even though I was trying to be submissive to my authorities and to seek God’s guidance with my parents’ help.

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