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Lindsay is candid about how she makes her career choice work.

And this is intentional; cosplaying has been Lindsay’s full-time gig for the last decade and she knows how to work a room.She runs a busy Facebook, Twitter and instagram page, and has held a Reddit AMA that received 796 comments.Most cosplayers are shy about revealing their exact numbers, so we sourced some from industry experts.But even minus her Final Fantasy get up, Amie can draw a crowd.She posted an eight-second video telling her Facebook fans she was there; so far it has 2129 views, and 249 likes.

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Amie’s work at their booth (12-4pm, Friday and Saturday) led to numerous media spots, all which referenced Deep Silver and discussed their new games. Companies she has worked with include Mad Catz (which took her to Tokyo) and Deep Silver (took her to San Franciso).

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