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In accounting terms, only the dividends received from the minority interest are recorded for those with minority passive interests.

This is referred to as the cost method—the ownership stake is treated as an investment at cost, and any dividends received are treated as dividend income.

In the corporate world, a corporation lists minority ownership on its balance sheet.

In addition to being reflected on the balance sheet, a minority interest is reported on the consolidated income statement as a share of profit belonging to minority equity holders.

In the world of private equity, companies and investors with a minority interest may be able to negotiate control rights.

I have described the consolidation procedures and their 3-step process in my previous article with the summary of IFRS 10 Consolidated financial statements, but let me repeat it here and follow these steps: After you make sure that all subsidiary’s assets and liabilities are stated at fair values and all the other conditions are met, you can combine, or add up like items.

Let’s be more practical today and learn some advanced accounting techniques.

After summaries of standards related to consolidation and group accounts, I’d like to show you how to prepare consolidated financial statements .

If you’d like to revise a theory first, then please read my summary of IFRS 3 Business Combinations and IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements, both of them contain video in the end.

Here’s the question: Mommy Corp has owned 80% shares of Baby Ltd since Baby’s incorporation.

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