Cindy crawford is dating denis rodman

"Don't put that in your article," Westbrook told him.

When Anderson jokingly tried to make a bargain with him so he could publish what seemed like a pretty insignificant detail, the point guard cursed at him.

They've drawn lots of attention for their bizarre spending habits, odd personal behavior, and, well, there's Dennis Rodman's whole persona, which probably belongs in a category all its own.

He's still making headlines even though he retired from the NBA after the 1999-2000 season.

Lord knows what he’ll serve up from his camera roll next.

After quitting Instagram in March 2017, the rapper brought his account @kanyewest out of retirement on Thursday to post a sweet Valentine’s Day tribute to wife Kim Kardashian.“Happy Valentines Day babe,” what appears to be a piece of plain white card folded in half read. (‘Valentine’s’ is also missing an apostrophe, but never mind.)What happened next, though, was quite bizarre.

This all makes sense since Trolli's catchphrase is "Weirdly Awesome." Perhaps unsurprisingly, Harden's promotionals are dubbed "Beardly Awesome." His weirdness doesn't begin and end with candy commercials, though. Redick metiously plans his naps, which socks he's going to wear, and his meals.

He speaks a "secret language" with his close friends that includes words like "fa'lo." It means "excessively flashy," apparently. His intense pre-game routine includes eating roasted chicken, a baked potato, asparagus or broccoli, and washing them down with a cup of coffee.

Later, his beard landed its own digital video and got to participate in a mock press conference, sans Harden.

It even has its own line of gummi candy called Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards, James Harden Edition. The Philadelphia 76ers' oddest shooting guard has turned this intense habit into something of an obsession.

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