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Or could Feige and company have a different idea in mind?

No one outside Marvel's inner circle really knows for sure at this point, but here's a look at the role Hemsworth's Thor could play in from the Thor fans have grown accustomed to seeing over the past decade.

It also must be noted that Thor's most successful solo movie was the only one without Jane in it.

Thus, is it safe to assume that Waititi is going to try a fresh new angle with the characters, since clearly their romance wasn't translating onscreen the way Marvel thought it would? In other words, don't expect much in the way of a rekindling between these former flames — In 2014's now-infamous "Original Sin" comic run, Nick Fury told Thor a secret that somehow took away his ability to lift Mjolnir.

Although its creation in the MCU led to arguably the best scene in the entire series, the legendary battle axe actually has quite a different origin in the comics.

On one hand, it potentially opens the door for Thor to develop such a relationship with a new character.

But I'll use that in other places and other characters if it's the end here." Honestly, may be the best opportunity to give Hemsworth's Thor the swan song he deserves.

With an impressive eight MCU films under his belt, there's no shame in saying farewell to a character audiences have come to love.

However, all of this anticipation overload begs the question: how the heck does Chris Hemsworth fit into all this?

It's his fourth solo outing playing the Mighty Avenger, so one would have to expect that he would still be the film's primary protagonist, right?

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Chris Hemsworth's Thor fits in incredibly well alongside the likes of Chris Pratt's Star-Lord and Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon, so if Marvel did decide to include an appearance from the galaxy's favorite misfits in However, given that this movie is seemingly packing in so much new material, will there be enough screentime to go around?

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