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6 Recollections on the Uprising (Poem ) — By Dcsanka Maksimovic .

404 Science and the Future of Civili- zation — By S.

80 Difficult and Mysterious Jour- nal — By Elisabeth Cross . 222 Dispelling Stagnation and Puri- fying Thought — /fy R. 446 Dreams of Rade the Master- Builder, The (Poem) — By Mira Aleekovic . Ghose from the Hindi of Sena pa ti 250 Forgiveness (Poem) — By E. Faussct 82 Wholeness in Outlook and Response By Phyllis Taun- ton Wood .. 45 ^Whitehead as a Conversation- alist- By Hugh FA. ..457 Index of Messages Received for the Silver jubilee of The Aryan Path Achievement Through All These Long Years, An — By A.

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56 Letter From London, A — By Sunder Kabadi 140, 280, 422, 572 Literature and Social Reality By Bhabani Bhattaeharya 392 Literature of Yugoslavia, The — By Cedomir A1 inderovic .

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