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Public Input: Every regular meeting includes a public input period at the beginning of the meeting for citizens to address any issue that is not part of the meeting’s official agenda or public hearing.

This part of the agenda is limited to 30 minutes and speakers are limited to THREE minutes each, but you must sign up before the meeting starts. Resolutions of the Board of Commissioners express the position of the Board on a specific issue.

Chatham High School’s outdated auditorium, dating back to the 1960’s, will be renovated the summer of 2018 to allow for uninterrupted use by their active theatre and music departments.

Stages is consulting on theatre equipment design to upgrade the stage and audience chamber, theatrical design, performance lighting systems, rigging and orchestra pit.

The Chatham County Board of Commissioners typically meets on the third Monday of the month, and sometimes on the first Monday of the month.

Other meetings are held as needed or changed to another date due to holidays or special issues.

Consent Agendas: The part of the meeting agenda designated as the Consent Agenda is designed to include non-controversial items that can be dealt with swiftly with one motion.

However, any commissioner or citizens can ask to have an item removed from the Consent Agenda to be dealt with as a standard agenda item.

You can sign up to receive copies of the agenda at: Minutes: Minutes for the meetings of the Board of Commissioners are the official record of the meetings and must be approved before public distribution.Hand written identification cards are not a valid identification form nor are those with disclaimers stating, "no responsibility for acceptability".All identification cards will be held by a staff member during visitation.Citizens may contact Lindsay Ray at 919-542-8200 or [email protected] have an item placed on the board's agenda, to sign up to speak during a board meeting, for copies of minutes, or to inquire about follow-up actions from board meetings.She also can help you with questions about upcoming meetings.

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