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An Asteroid labled 2012-tc-4 will supposedly miss the earth by 4000 miles on October 12,13 of 2017 . If that asteroid hit earth the damage would depend on several factors: speed of entry, does it hit on land or sea, angle of penetration at impact, size and weight of material, type of material in the rock, and whether the material is solid or loosely held together.Consider an asteroid YU55 which came near the earth in 2011.Asteroids are usually referred to as being a solid rock from outer space whereas comets are usually a mixture of ice and rock and typically burn up before hitting the earth.In 1907 a large something from outer space destroyed thousands of acres of forest in Tunguska.

Could these asteroids have caused the earth to crack and continents to move?

This strata contains hundreds of asteroids which have been identified thus far.

Now that we know the strata they struck is tens of thousands of years old and not millions of years old, we can see that asteroids arrive at a rate around 2000 times higher than previously projected.

For an exhaustive treatment of the subject see Meteor Crater An Asteroid that hits earth can cause earth shattering catastrophic damage.

The Chicxulub asteroid that hit in the Yucatan of Mexico was the equivalent of 100 trillion tons of TNT.

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