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Good question, Pam because Angela’s response made no sense to me otherwise. I'd really like to see Agent Shaw return I think she had great chemistry with Booth.

Brennan has the right to do what’s best for her family and if the staff of the Jeffersonian can’t solve cases without her then that’s on them. I wonder if they do have her return if they will pair her up with a fling with Aubrey. The fact that she had an affair with her partner and then threatened his new girlfriend means she’s simply not a good enough person to pair with Aubrey or work on the same team with he and Booth.

Though Brennan and many others work to exhaustion, Cam desperately begs the person to give the cure for Arastoo's life. He's been her support and comfort when she had hardships due to handling a credit card thief.

The Pathos in the Pathogens", he accidentally comes in contact with remains that contain a deadly virus.

She has given 17 years of her life to The Jeffersonian she can't be responsible for cases being left unsolved after she resigned her position.

Could it be that Angela resents Bones leaving and she stayed behind with Hodgins and gave up Paris and she feels Bones didn't do the same and should have?

Hodgins is the first to find out, when he overhears Arastoo reading a poem that he wrote in Farsi to Cam.

They urge him not to tell anyone else, and it is only when he and Angela see Cam and Arastoo kiss that she finds out.

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