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Michael elaborated – “That was one of the loves of my life […] Her pictures were all over my wall, my mirror, everything.

I went to the Academy Awards and this girl walks up to me and says ‘Hi, I’m Brooke Shields. ’ I go, ‘Yeah,’ thinking ‘Oh my God, does she know she’s all over my room?

Pictured are Scott and Brooke, attending the CBS Television Competition Special. Cruising along a newsstand, fashion guru and all-American designer Calvin Klein landed his eyes on Shields and immediately knew he was looking at an “it” girl.

Klein was just launching his denim line, and knew Brooke – or as he referred to her, “the most beautiful girl in the world” – just had to model his jeans.

Her good looks, however, were not enough for the Calvin Klein televised commercial producers, who tried to push through socially accepted norms by making Brooke speak out a highly suggestive sentence that would emphasize the sexuality behind the ad.

The ad began with Brooke sitting casually in a suggestive position, whistling, then looking up and saying – “you want to know what comes between me and my Calvins?

Baio was rumored to be romantically involved with Brooke.

Many years later, Brooke revealed that she was, in fact, Scott Baio’s first girlfriend, when they had a teen fling in the late 70’s.

Brooke was no exception, but she decided to commemorate this particular moment in her life by being displayed in the semi-notorious, semi-prominent men’s magazine – Apparently, Michael didn’t feel the same way.The photos were meant to appear in a book called, but the litigation postponed its publication. Interestingly, a loophole in New York law suggests that if Brooke was considered a child performer rather than a model, her mom would have won.Before Brooke had even turned a year old, she already had two life altering circumstances completely amend her future – the first was her parents’ divorce, the second was being cast in her first commercial.She appeared on various national Vogue covers in America, Italy, and France, and became a frequent attendee at Studio 54, a hip and buzzing New York nightclub.She was far from being a normal teen, which would consequently affect her future.

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