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Berkeley International is a rip-off and Founder Mairead Molloy is a fraud. They hired cheap solicitors to try to scare me and bully me and wear me down.

Many people ripped off but they try to cover it using fake reviews and placed advertising. People should not be treated the way they treated me.

Very condescending and doing the bare minimum once they got my money.

Every interaction has been recorded, I have full evidence and am seeking justice for myself and others who are defrauded. The statue of limitations is 6 years and we can join together for justice!

As soon as I signed onto the service, the person who interviewed me disappeared and other staff immediately and actively ignored specific criteria and began presenting profiles at random, with no indication of whether they had been interviewed by them or how the Profiles met my criteria, which is a ABIA Code violation.

At least twice, I made requests on communication ground rules and how much time should lapse in between communications and being on hold. She appeared to be polite and say the right words but her actions did not match the words, nor did she ever follow up when she said she would.From the moment that I placed a complaint, it took over a month to meet her to express my concerns.She missed the first meeting without any prior communication, and later claimed that an email had been sent rescheduling the meeting.When I asked directly why they were not addressing my preferences, the explanation that I often received was that they were doing “their best” with the “best intentions” and “provide excellent service” and they would continue introducing me to people that “they felt” would be suitable for me.Berkeley staff’s obvious lack of basic training and competence is a crime.

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One month after I joined, I discovered that they had lied about a particular introduction who turned out to be a temporary IT worker who had been matched on dates with them for 5 years. I asked to speak to a manager but the person who I spoke to did not offer me a refund option and did not let me get my money back, instead she offered to continue making introductions which only got worse.

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