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I want you to be confidant in your decisions on who you give and don’t give a chance to.When the suggestions come that you might be being to picky, I want you to able to confidently answer that you aren’t being too picky, you just haven’t found someone with the “good material” that you are looking for, who will make the refining process of marriage a pleasant one.

I'm a little younger than you, but I'm in the same boat.

When I finally met the man who would be my husband, I knew what to look for. I am sorry.” That is the heart of a man I want to be with. As I navigated the dating scene, I felt like the only way to not be picky was to settle.

I never imagined that there was such a simple heart check for me as I considered who was deserving of more of my attention.

I have no problem talking or approaching girls but I always get friendzoned or ghosted.

One time I was “seeing” a girl for like 9 months and when I asked her to be my girlfriend she said she only liked me as friend.

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Edit: i mentioned this to a close friend and they mention how I am oblivious as fuck...

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