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All singles know dating in the Bay Area can be a daunting experience… Our members are attractive singles with the best qualities searching for the perfect partner.Let our experienced, professional Silicon Valley dating service make you an amazing match.Elite Connections is utmost elite Bay Area matchmaking service.We have been making successful matches for twenty-five years and have incomparable success.So if you're dating around a little bit, maybe expand your pool beyond the reaches of The Town to avoid an awkward encounter.Related problem: You'll probably hook up with someone one of your friends has already dated.Put a little extra thought into the shoes and jacket but keep it cool with jeans and a T-shirt and you're golden. A guide to this holiday season's gifts, outings, eats, and more.

Sure, moving in too quickly may put unwelcome strain on your new relationship as you discover your new roommate believes in letting the yellow mellow and leaving globs of toothpaste in the sink every morning, but your wallet will thank you. If you identify as a woman, expect to split the check The Town is also woke as fuck. So if you're a cis-hetero woman, don't expect the archaic laws of chivalry to apply.

Our Palo Alto matchmakers will search and match you with the best possible singles in Silicon Valley.

We have a network of selective unmarried people that are looking for a quality relationship.

Dating in the Silicon Valley is notoriously difficult to navigate alone.

It’s very possible to find that special person in the Bay Area with our help.

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