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With production costs reportedly eclipsing million, the album is the most expensive rock album ever produced.

Rose later stated about the dysfunction of the group at the time: "We still needed the collaboration of the band as a whole to write the best songs.

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During a 1999 interview with MTV's Kurt Loder, Rose announced the title of the upcoming album to be Chinese Democracy, stating "there's a lot of Chinese democracy movements, and it's something that there's a lot of talk about, and it's something that will be nice to see. I don't know, I just like the sound of it." Rose also mentioned the album would feature "lot of different sounds.

The album was worked on by multiple lineups of the band, including later members Bryan Mantia, Buckethead, Richard Fortus, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, and Frank Ferrer.

Personnel and legal reasons, as well as Rose's alleged perfectionism caused the album to be delayed multiple times, including missing an announced March 2007 release date, before being released in November 2008.

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