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Login User(email, pass); Your arguments should be in the same order as the method. Login User(email, pass, on Success, on Failure); ... Take a look at this: you can do either of these things. c#,,charts May be this post will help you to change color of grid but keep AXIS same Visual Studio 2010 Chart control - line color. Create an Insert Itemplate and insert using the Item Inserted event of the listview Change the Command Name to Command Name="Insert Data" and catch that event on the Item Command ... Equals("Start")) Then, you're not matching against an exact date (at midnight), but matching any date-times which start with that date.

It just mens you need to pass in a nullable type, it does not mean it can't get any arguments. You will need to register with each provider to get the parameters that you need.,iis First verify that the World Wide Web Publishing Service is installed and not disabled.

The stored procedure on the backend takes care of this, and these are not parameters for the Update method.

The Form View by default is trying to pass all these values back to the database.

Note that to get the property into the Drop Down List you have to handle the Drop Down List1_Data Binding like: protected void Drop Down List1_Data Binding(object sender, Event Args e) you can't handle the Form View1_Data Binding since the Data Item will then be NULL.

I have a formview with several data items that works perfectly except for a single parameter that will not update with the rest of them.

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[Source: MSDN] Right-click My Computer on the desktop, and then click Manage.

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